Your Dog's Day Is About To Get

A Whole Lot Better

Nutritious and Hypoallergenic*

Gluten free, grain free, rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Pure CBD

After baking we coat each treat with pharmaceutical grade CBD.

Healthiest Ingredients

Unblanched almond flour, pure peanut butter, sweet potato flour, no preservatives, salt, sugar or oils.

* Ingredients include almonds and peanuts.

Improving Your Dog's Life Every Day


Dog owners are discovering that CBD isn't just for people, but for dogs too. That's why we developed KANINE CBD dog treats. But these aren't just any dog treat. KANINE is specially formulated for dogs. They're gluten-free using only the healthiest dog-friendly ingredients. Like the unblanched almond flour, rich in antioxidants, or the pure peanut butter with no added sugar, salt or oil, both rich in protein and fiber. We could have added flavorings to get your dog's attention, but our healthy recipe is enough.

We only use CBD made in the USA from US-grown hemp - CBD with the highest purity. And with super high bioavailability, no other pet treat offers the same level of purity and efficacy. But it's not enough to just use pure ingredients. We carefully make and bake KANINE pet treats, and then we wait until they've cooled before adding the CBD. There's a reason we wait. And it would be quicker if we didn't. But heat destroys most medicines, vitamins and nutrients. So at just the right time we carefully infuse every biscuit with a precise amount of CBD. And then we fill each bag with thirty healthy biscuits. Well, maybe we threw in a few extra, just in case.

With CBD's potential for calming, pain relief, relieving separation anxiety, improving mobility and the symptoms of dysplasia, reducing inflammation and seizures, improving your dog's health and wellness may be as simple as giving a KANINE treat. Now, go ahead. Make your dog's day a whole lot better.




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